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of america's busiest airports was covered with water during superstorm sandy. this morning laguardia airport is re-opening but after some chaos continues worldwide. we'll go to laguardia and see how long it will take to get back to normal. >> and sandy could cost insurance companies up to $15 billion. they say they can handle it. we'll show you what insurance covers and what it doesn't and find out what storm victims need to do right away on cbs "this morning." so ditch the brown bag for something better. like our bacon ranch quesadillas or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's. onof chocolate lovers from the thmelting point of chocolate. so when you take hershey's chocolate and add bubbles, it deliciously melts the moment you take a bite. hershey's air delight. it just might make you melt. he is a good little monkey and always very curious. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be
hundreds of flights in and out of jfk, laguardia, and newark airport. expect that number to climb into the thousands. airlines are hoping to avoid stranding crews at socked in airports. for the latest on the storm and its path let's get right to meteorologist topper shutt. >> anita, we're lucky that we're far enough south of the storm. we have a little light rain, occasionally some sleet here in northwest. let me show you the radar. some areas in new jersey and new york already have four to six inches of snow. we've had some light rain, most of which is going to be freshly the district east. not going to see much in the western suburbs. occasionally you are going to see this mix with some light snow or even a little bit of sleet. you see the yellow? a little bit of sleet to the west of bowie. we'll stop this. this is definitely sleet in yellow. everything else is green so it's kind of light activity. temperatures are not a problem. we're well above freezing. 39 in gaithersburg, 43 manassas, 41 downtown so this is not going to be a problem. in fact, in your wake-up weather, what yo
shot of manhattan. it's snowing in new york, wind gust of 35 in laguardia and a wind gust of 43 in islip, nothing like what we saw with the superstorm, but wow, this is really insult to injury. in terms of not having heat or electricity, this is not what you want. you can see the snow in all of new york, connecticut and new jersey, a little mix showing up on the dell marv. we just have rain. we'll -- delmarva. we just have rain. that may mix with or change to snow briefly late tonight before everything pulls away, winds gusting to 26 miles per hour in annapolis. we could see winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour both tonight and tomorrow for us. so light rain or snow east tonight and then it stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute, good news. keep the jacket handy. it will be windy and chilly tomorrow. we'll come back and talk about the weekend. i think you'll like our change in weather pattern. >>> we stand ready to work with any willing partner, democrat, republican or otherwise who shares a commitment to getting those things done. >> it's better to dance than to
of flights have been cancelled. laguardia has already crowded many flights. delays in to philadelphia are already beginning. east of the 9-95 corridor has the best chance to see those snowflakes. >> people in new york and new jersey are bracing for the storm as they are still recovering from hurricane sandy. residents are being warned to evacuate the second time in two weeks. people need to get out and start stocking up on supplies. a >> just what i thought i was going to get more sleep we are getting this nor'easter and it will be all hands on deck again. >> it is not expected to be anywhere near as strong as superstorm sandy. >> mellon is the first in the nation -- maryland is the first state in the nation to allow marriage by popular vote. it got 52% of the vote. it >> of sides are trying to sway voters. -- both sides were trying to sway voters. supporters rallied at an event on the streets of maryland. not everyone is happy with the outcome. >> marriage in maryland will conclude same-sex couples. if voters narrowly approved the controversial question 6. >> i think melic equality s
's peak, flooding covered the runways at new york's laguardia airport. as the waters recede, f.a.a. tenicians are repairing landing lights and navigational systems. and airlines hope ts y will be able to offer limited service at laguardia tomorrow. in washington, boston, newark, and new york's john f. kennedy, airport operations are returning to normal. flightaware estimates 2,800 flights were canceled today, down from a peak of almost 8,000 on monday. tomorrow, 530 flights have been officially scrapped, but that will grow, if as seems likely, laguardia has trouble opening tomorrow. add it up and airlines took a big hit from sandy. >> you can multiply 18,000 canceled flights by a few tens of thousands of dollars in revenue per flight and you're well north of $100 million in lost revenue. some of it they will be able to recover by flying flightmore full over the next week, but a lot of it is gone. >> reporter: if it rolls on the ground, recovery will take amtrak is providing limited service south and north of new york. but it gave no estimate for when flooded tunnels
with united getting out of laguardia, and they're checking, we are checking to see if this is a nationwide problem. it may well be. we'll see about that and bring you up-to-date on it, but anytime there's this kind of travel disruption, and this is travel disruption, we will bring you the news as it happens and it just happened. back to jennifer. what, what should republicans do? should republicans go out there and make speeches in spanish? >> no. stuart: should they change the policy, open door, come in? >> what hurt conservatives one extreme or the other, we're going to pander up, and that's not what we're talking about, talking about true engagement, going into the hispanic chunt and talk to them about what the message is. >> and do you think that that would-- >> absolutely. stuart: go to the hispanic community and speak. >> congressman joe heck-- >> in spanish? >> not in spanish, but speaks to the community in nevada won his reelection with hispanic support. it's about going into the hispanic community not two months before the election, but a year out, six months out and actually talk
. here's laguardia. these are the flights. 6:00 a.m. flight is on time. the 6:15 cancelled. similarly, the 6:59 on time. but if you're leaving at 8:00 a.m. to laguardia, cancelled. we're also seeing some delays here. delayed by about an hour here, a flight to milwaukee delayed by ten and a half hours. we spoke to a man trying to get from fresno to new york city, he's been trying since wednesday morning. >> just trying to get to new york. jfk, laguardia, newark, all that shut down. made it to venice and hopefully we'll get this flight this morning. our bags are still in denver. >> and there's his flight, listed on time, so hopefully he's okay. the problem is their missing baggage has their dress uniforms. they're in the military. they need those uniforms for an event they're attending once they reach new york. they have no idea where their luggage is at this point. perhaps it's in denver, perhaps not. reporting live from reagan national, megan mcgrath, news4. >>> fears over the so called fiscal cliff here in the u.s. are taking a toll on markets overseas. stocks in asia down significan
board over here and you can see we still have one, two, three, cancellations heading into new york, laguardia and newark airport. but look, there are quite a few flights that are on time. so we are seeing some progress. but this has been a major major hiccup for a lot of business commuters. now as frustrating as it may be for flyers, this is nothing compared to the frustration felt by the nearly 800,000 people still without power in new york and new jersey. first they get hit with a superstorm then ten days later a nor'easter. i mean come on. it's just not fair. many people had just gotten their power back on when they lost electricity again due to the snow. yesterday before this second storm hit. new jersey governor chris christie said he does not like setbacks but in this case, what can he do? >> when i finally got that final kind of forecast and i got last night, i said i'm waiting for the locusts and pestilence next. you know -- [ laughter ] so we're getting ready. for another storm. >> reporter: across the northeast, towns scrambling to redirect resources from cleaning up to shoring up f
by hurricane sandy but beginning to resume operations slowly. this morning, laguardia airport, completely flooded during the storm, reopened limited service office jfk and newark opened. tom kos tell la made his way to laguardia overnight. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: this is the good news. actual -- we've got passengers. we've got people pulling up to the curbs and importantly planes on the ramps. we were here with the first plane landed here at laguardia. two runways here running and operational. delta planes here, american, air tran p so the big players are moving in. us airways hoping they can get up and running tomorrow. it's a truncated schedule today. it's not a full operation. but the hope is, it's a start and it will continue over the coming days. jfk and newark, also of course up and running. let me show you what they had to overcome here at laguardia. take a look at the flooding that we have seen here. this week, because of hurricane sandy, and in some cases water up to the jet bridge, so they had to clean all of that out. they had to make sure electronics, lights, e
because clouds and rain. keep that in mind. arrival delays at laguardia to equipment issues. at 6:00, 64 and mostly cloudy. more details on the big drop in your temperatures, a good 20 degrees or so, coming up soon. >> a developing story in columbia, maryland. it gunman left a talk about manager severely injured. sunday morning, two men ambushed him. is recovering from several gunshot wounds. a family of free in anne arundel home after aheir fire. it took rose an hour to knock took them a it fire. enforcing the speed from teh air/ -- the air? virginia state police have from thely 20 tickets air patrol. to 5000 tickets between 2000-2008. montgomery county school superintendent laying out a plan make the nationally renowned to focus onn better than earn just test scores. we have more from brianne carter. 17 months after joining montgomery county public he delivered his first date of the school laying out his vision and for the future. >> we are the opportunity for children. together, we will insure that get our very best every single day. >> moving forward in academics off to continue to b
today to seattle. >> flights for canceled out of laguardia. storm preparations went off without a hitch but they told us they never closed the airport, rather airlines cancelled flights late sunday and all day monday and removed all of their planes from the airfield. >> all of the prep work that goes into this, all the things went right because people did their homework. >> another thing to think about is how all of the commerce lost. i talked to cabdrivers' waiting in line and they said they are losing tens of thousands of dollars each day because of the whole situation. >> public works crews are on the scene of not one but to a water main breaks tonight. the first is in northeast baltimore. the 12 inch main broke around 6:30 this morning. the road is only open to local traffic. stadium way is completely closed. officials say they expect the road to stay closed for at least two days while repairs are being made. meanwhile, a 16-inch water main break closed york road between 41st street and cold spring lane. this is no relation to the previously mentioned water main break. stay with us
to reopen. it sounds like laguardia will reopen at least with limited service this morning. but generally speaking how hard is to get into the city at this point? >> it's interesting that they're getting laguardia back and running. the arpirport is right on the water and it's flooded up to the gates. jfk, the major international airport as well as newark liberty, they're also reopening, but they have to get planes back because there were so many cancellations ahead of the storm. and the fact that they have the armies coming back is important, but again, it's a long climb. >> scott, thanks for all your reports this week. really appreciate it. take a look at u.s. lumber futures. they hit 19 month highs yesterday. by the way, this makes lumber one of the best perform as secretary classes in the world in october. >> three month performance not too bad either. when you look at the devastation in new jersey, -- >> it gets in to the bigger question of the bigger macro view. will it actually an longer term boost. >> or do you trade as a net-net flat. >> a lot are saying net-net flat. >>> still to
will start thursday morning. flooding kept laguardia airport closed. j.f.k. and newark airports have resumed some travel. and high waters led to a number of rooftop rescues of trapped residents yesterday in staten island. late today, new york city mayor michael bloomberg said most bridges and tunnels will be restricted to high-occupancy vehicles for next several days. but he said his city is on the road to recovery. >> bottom line is we've lost some people and pray for families. go forward here and keep this city going and make sure we have visitors and jobs for people. do that in the names we lost. thank you very much. >> reporter: in new jersey, aerial views from helicopters revealed scenes of total devastation. entire neighborhoods underwater in ocean county, an amusement park along the jersey shore in seaside heights in disarray, with some rides washed away by the waves. those displaced by the storm have been taking shelter in gymnasiums and other facilities. >> we never went trough anything like this. we may have had a storm where it blew a couple of things back and forth, but for it to
with a runway at laguardia airport. residents traps if their homes with -- trapped in their homes with no power and no clean water. look at the subway there. if those residents attempt to leave their homes they're faced with wading in toxic water polluted by gasoline and raw sewage. the smell is so thick with the smell of gasoline you can't stand it for more than a few hours. the water will need to be pumped out. that alone could take a few more days. as you see images like that you can't help but think what could have happened to washington, d.c. in our region if sandy hit farther south a little bit. hard to imagine. >> don't even want to imagine that kristin. after what we went through with the derecho and seeing what's happening in jersey. oh no. thanks goodness for that. we told you early in the hour about dominion virginia restoring power in ballston. now they are reporting about 1800 northern virginia customers still without electricity. bge has outages in our area as well. more than 3500 customers in anne arundel county. almost 2200 in howard county. 400 in prince george's county. and le
airports resumed some operations today, laguardia remains closed due to heavy flooding. >> i was supposed to come home sunday night and they cancelled my flight. this is the first flight i could get on. >> you landed in the bay area tonight. how did that feel? >> good. >> reporter: outbound flights to the new york area are once again departing from here in the bay area. i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. >>> we call it the least expensive, most effective anti- theft device ever created. >> it would save taxpayers millions. so why isn't it being used in the bay area? >>> i'm tired. i'm tired of obama and mitt romney. >> why the presidential election made this four-year- old girl cry. >>> and what wearing too much makeup really does to a woman and we're not just talking about her skin. evidence that it can make you age faster. it's the only broadcast radar in america the national weather service relies on. how much i >>> for years now, we have told you about the rash of metal thefts and how much that ends up costing bay area cities and utilities. but there is dna-like technology that can catch a medal
, but a lot of it is for commercial office laguardias, commercial overhead lighting and a lot of it is changing their lighting for a new led project. in addition, there is lots of several kind of therm projects or natural gas projects that are included. in this next round. the last time i came before this committee there was an interest in understanding better our geographic representation of where historically the department has provided incentives and i provided the committee members -- and if i could have the overhead. this represents the example of the various programs that the department has had throughout the existence of these programs. the bulk of our programs are for commercial, and large multi-family housing units. and gives you just a sense of the projects and where they have been throughout san francisco. not only have businesses and residents saved money from these programs and we have had the positive benefits on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas reductions. but in some of the contractors performing the work, also employee local folks here in san francis
in dallas today, 86 phoenix, seattle, portland, 60°. laguardia flight arrive delays of nearly 75 minutes, snow towards minneapolis maybe a delay there. back at home, we don't have anything to worry about san jose, oakland, nor sfo. check out our flight tracker at the bottom. >>> 4:49. the u.s. is striking back at allegations that it failed to respond quickly or efficiently against the deadly tack on the u.s. consulate in libya september 11th. u.s. intelligence officials say cia officers went to the aid of state department staffers less than 25 minutes after the first call for help. cia publicly denying a report by fox news that the cia told its personnel to stand down. a.m. stevens was killed with -- ambassador stevens was killed with three other americans. >>> deep financial trouble for nuclear power plan. san onofre know plant in southern california out of service since january operator says it has cost 317 million dollars between repairs and replacement power. officials say it is not clear if the steam generators can be repaired and operated at full power the shutdown hap
emergency plan. when the delta flight from richmond landed in new york thursday morning, laguardia airport was back in business after a three-day hurricane shutdown. next 14 flights that touched down here were all delta's, too, made possible because of the people in this room 900 miles south in atlanta. >> this is what we control, the entire mainline prigs of delta. >> reporter: dave holtz, 33-year delta veteran, controls this. it's massive, 650 employees round the clock control delta's a1,6 hyundaily flights. a week ago today holtz and his team began phasing in the emergency response, three days before landfall. >> that's the part that the customer doesn't see, what a lot of folks in the field don't even see necessarily, how we're getting those dominos all set up so that when we do take them down, it's orderly, we know exactly where we're going and it's clean. >> in-house team of 27 meteorologists like mike heying. >> naring it down to exactly what we think we're going to see and not saying somewhere between d.c. and boston. >> reporter: with confidence sandy would come ashore south of ne
. this is jfk, newark, laguardia, delays moderate to significant on the delay index down from excessive which is what it was rated this morning many things are improving in the bay area. a spokesman at sfo says flights are better today than yesterday when 30 flights were cancelled today there's a total of 12. majority of those are arrivals, not departures. as for delays, the faa does not have any scheduled right now flights are still an hour or two behind in some places. the majority of the problems at sfo are due to problems at jfk also newark, philadelphia and jfk. if you are flying east or expecting arrival from the east you should check the status of your flight go to click the flight tracker at the bottom of your screen. >>> hundreds of guests at a burlingame hotel had to be evacuated in the middle of the night. five hundred people from the airport embassy suites were forced out of their rooms after the boiler started leaking carbon monoxide. one guest was taken to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning last night. firefighters declared the area safe 5:00 this morning an
at the same time. i could go on and on and on and they back up like planes going back to laguardia. at the same time, the fact of the matter is, right now, we face this. unless this is fixed and soon and republicans get an idea that you can't touch defense and democrats get off the idea you can't even consider reading in the the reining in the growthen entitlements, senator, listen, we're going to go into an abyss, you know it, i know it, right? >> all right, i tried to save the nation here besides reading the prompter, i'm only one man. and we've got 51 days until this financial armageddon. all the automatic spending cuts to kick in and the tax rates. you've heard a million times and seems like you're hearing a lot. but we're fox and fox business reminding you of the day of reckoning ahead of a lot of folks. charles payne, time's awasting. >> time's awasting. this is like a greek tragedy, i don't see how the ghost are going to save the day. washington post election, i don't think that either party has a real mandate per se overall you would think the overall mandate would be to sa
new york's laguardia airport sucomb to mother nature's wrath. >> we have a mess. >> reporter: the entire atlantic seaboard got pounded by hurricane like winds of up to 90 and freezing rain. the island town of sea bright had to be evacuated. flooding made homes look likehouse boats. >> it's the worse i've seen in 20 years. thank god we had that sea wall that was built only two years ago. other wise this town would have been washed away. >> many in atlantic city and ocean city may have thought they might be washed away. downed power lines and left casino parking lots looking like lakes. >> never in my life have i seen such devastation, my reaction is there's no way to fight with mother nature. >> reporter: the storm hit new england just as hard. severe weather caused major airports in boston and connecticut to experience long delays. some airlines even cancelled flights. schools shut down, the coast guard warned boaters to stay in port. one fishing vessel sank its crew had to be rescued. >> farther inland the snow meat commuting miserable to impossible in many areas. residents
submerged along with a runway at laguardia airport. >> many people's lives were turned upside down and everyone is working 24 hours a day to get this city back on track. >> reporter: the stock market managed to reopen, but traders report limited access to internet and cell phones. many other buildings remained closed while city inspectors searched for damage. 643,000 throughout new york city are still without power. public schools won't reopen for students until monday. but it's the images from staten island and queens that remain most shocking. docks at the piers in shambles. >> i thought i could fight the flood and i probably could have the flood. but not the fire. >> reporter: and that's what a lot of people say sandy's legacy will be. a hurricane unlike any other with unprecedented snow, fire and flooding in one of the most populated portions of the country. >> thank you. >>> around here there is still 71,000 people without their pow we're. the majority of them are -- power. the majority of them are bge, dominion and potomac edison. i want to show a personal account of what pro
, places like chicago o'hare, san francisco rounding out the top five, laguardia and boston, logan. 6 chicago and l.a.x. have gone back and forth, but it's bessier out there. what about the roads? how do those look? >> we'll see a lot of people come blaining. we receive a lot of reports about car rentals being very, very difficult. car rentals got scooped up. so now as people prepare to travel on traffic they find it very difficult. having said that many are traveling between wednesday and sunday. a lot of people are i troog to find alternative ways home, buses, cars, trans. stay safe out there. >> did you ever travel on thaf thanksgiving? >> i did. it's tough for us to go back home as journalists. >> news never stops. >> right. >> was it a tough commute? >> it was pretty tough. i ee going home on chrome this time around an i'm not looking forward to that. >> we'll call you up. all right, nick. thank you very much for that update. >>> her name has been mengsd as a possible successor to hillary clinton as secretary of state, but before she can be confirmed, u.n. ambassador susan rice h
and three got winds at 35 miles per hour in laguardia and a 43 mile-per-hour wind gust in islip and a 46 mile-per-hour wind gust in annapolis. still snowing pretty good in rockaway. they're going to get accumulation along the shore, about the inland we're looking at 3 to 6 inches northern new jersey, some of the burbs in new york and up toward hartford. they already have 3 inches on the ground, so that's kind of cool i think. i just love snow. it relaxes me. that's all. oh, this is winter. i'm sorry, it's not windsor earlier today. it's snowing to beat the ban at about noon, but the temperature wasn't falling. it was still above freezing and yes, it can snow above freezing. now the temperature is about 30 and it's sticking very nicely in the windsor area. live look outside, temperatures in the 40s. this is our live weather cam brought to you by michael and son, 44, dew points in the upper 20s, winds out of the north at 15 and will continue to increase both in speed and frequently. pressure now rising at 2.92 inches of america -- 29.92 inches of mercury, pretty big band of snow through no
cancellations. take a look at the board here. sort of hit or miss. this is laguardia airport. the 6:00 a.m. is on time, but the 6:15 has been cancelled. if you look down the line, it's a similar situation. the 7:00 on time. the 7:59 is cancelled. the advice is that you're just going to have to call your airline. yesterday they were recommending that passengers actually cancel or rearrange their flights to avoid that area if possible. it really depends on your need and when you need to be to your destination. but keep in mind that there is a possibility that you could see cancellations and delays today. if you are flexible, you might want to do that. certainly you're going to want to call your airline ahead of time. the flights in the new york area, they had many, many cancellations yesterday. as of 4:00 p.m. yesterday, 1,300 flights cancelled. 40% of them were at the newark airport. still expecting big problems there today. whenever you see cancellations, you see the trickle down effect. they have difficulty moving plains around, and that causes problems elsewhere in the country. the adv
flights canceled heading into jfk, laguardia, newark, from reagan national. but into the late morning and early afternoon, it is looking a whole lot better. now the worst of it was actually yesterday evening, between 1200 and 1300 flights were canceled across the northeast because of this nor'easter. train traffic also tied up. just look at the long lines last night for the long island railroad. snow-covered tracks suspended service for several hours. it since resumed running but only on a limited schedule. remember, this nor'easter moved ashore in the exact same location as superstorm sandy. nearly 800,000 homes and businesses are still without power. some people had just gotten their power back and then lost it for a second time the same day. i mean can you imagine the frustration? so while these cancellations are certainly no fun for flyers, especially business travelers, just keep in mind it could be a whole lot worse. at reagan national, i'm kristin fisher, 9news now. >> so of course check with your airline before you head out and hopefully you won't be delayed. >>> the boy scout
not want to deal with this right now. moderate to heavy snow. winds gusting to 43 mph att laguardia in the past hour. some of our brain may mix with snow overnight as the storm goes away. another very nasty nor'easter. more on how to ocean city is dealing with the storm. >> it appears to ocean city has dodged yet another bullet shot at it by mother nature. all we are dealing with right now as you can see here on the boardwalk is light rain. as far as winds are concerned, we saw sustained winds throughout the day anywhere from 15-25 m.p.h. with us here and there at about 30-35 mph. one similarity -- waves from 6- 10 feet, was on par with what we saw during santee. the same low lying areas for flooding we always see it in their -- in addition city came earlier. we head into high tide around 2:30 tomorrow morning. overall, another bullet dodged here in ocean city. officials and residents alike breathing a sigh of relief after dealing with sandy last week. >> staying warm at home tonight is not an option for more than a dozen people in anne arundel county. if fire ripped through in -- a
to be open with limited flights. both from laguardia airport will be starting at 7:00 a.m. 3 occupants or more will have to be in the car to go over the east bridges. it is to help out a huge traffic problem going on around the city. there has been a gas shortage as well as you can image. the drivers literally are running out of gas because they can't fill the reservations they already have. >>> at that time pee ann the new york stock exchange is going to be opening once again today. yesterday they had reopened but this is the first since the blizzard of 1888. >>> battory park new york. thank you. >>> president obama getting an up close look at sandy's devastation in new jersey. it comes after chris christie continues to touch residents with their compassion. >> (poor audio) >> i just want everybody to get help. >> now both president obama and mitt romney will be back on the campaign trail with five days left until the election. doug luzader is live for us. >> those are tough images. these are the latest poll numbers coming out from fox. the race tied up 46 a piece. that tightens sligh
to be in operation today and once submerged laguardia airport will reopen at 7:00 with very limited service. >> much lower manhattan though is still in the dark. thousands of residents in hoboken new jersey across the river from manhattan have been given ready to eat meals and other supplies from the national guard. along the new jersey shore, president obama and governor chris christie took a helicopter hour of the storm damage because that's the only way to see it. >> kristin fisher is here with us this morning and kristin, you were out in the field. you were in rehoboth. and just give us an idea again of what you saw and what's going on now. >> reporter: well, it's tough to compare the two because what i found in rehoboth is nothing compared to what we're now seeing in new york and new jersey with you know, up and down the coast. millions of people remaining in the dark. the damage in the billions of dollars. and the death toll now at least 63 people. yesterday president obama brought some hope to hard hit new jersey, promising immediate federal aid and pledging to be in its for the lang howl. he
the flooding mess at laguardia just a couple of days ago. that airport now open with a limited schedule. both jfk and newark which had already opened on a limited basis, are expected to be in full operation by tomorrow. overall, flight cancellations as a result of sandy are now near 21,000. getting around new york is still a huge challenge. this was the scene in brooklyn today. thousands in line waiting to get on a city bus for a ride into manhattan. that line was four people deep. it literally wrapped around the block and most of them would normally be taking the subway into manhattan. but that service is still quite limited. because of the emergency public transportation in the city is free of charge today and tomorrow. >>> the other long lines we're seeing are the ones for gas. >> and just outside new york city, in manacay, new jersey, jim rosenfield is there for how long people are waiting to fuel up. >> reporter: it's a lonely job these days for manager muhammad edris in his station. open for business, but with no juice, it's no go at the pumps. >> we have no gas, nothing, you know. noth
is seeing more arrivals than departures, but net back to normal. courtney reagan is at laguardia this morning. >> reporter: good morning. so we haven't yet seen a plane take off here. the first plane is scheduled to take off in about 40 minutes from now. i've been here for over an hour and i got to say, i have never seen laguardia so quiet. i think there are more employees here than passengers. and i went counter to counter and american airlines basically said when i asked how many flights were scheduled to take off, it is very, very limited. he said it will keep changing all day long. air tran said they don't have a plane taking off until 1:00. it's like you were talking about earlier with that coordination, you have to get all the people in the right places. so i think laguardia will see what jfk and newark saw yesterday with more arrivals than departures. normally about 1,000 flights a data off from laguardia. we won't get anywhere close to that. and getting the employees here is also another challenge. we still have mass kratransit limited. so that will be tough. >> courtney,
at the earliest. >> talking about this, laguardia and how long would it remain closed? flights will resume this morning at laguardia's airport. laguardia located along flushing bay had been flooded out due to the storm surge caused by hurricane sandy and new york's other two major airports, jfk and newark liberty re-opened. however they're running reduced schedules. >> working so hard to get these open. i was surprised they were able to get laguardia open. >>> helping to rescue stranded residents in hoboken. the streets flooded and those waters still very dangerous. filled with sewage and heating oil among other things. mayor dawn zimmer says half of hoboken's 50,000 residents are stranded inside their homes, most without electricity. >>> in a few minutes we'll head live to the jersey shore where the scope is just being revealed after a wall of water pulverized the coastline. >>> it is ten minutes past the hour. now to the presidential election and the final battlegrounds the candidates are fighting over as voting is just five days away now. president obama and mitt romney set to deliver t
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